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Online retail accounted an estimated $29.6B in sales in Canada in 2016 – but that number is projected to grow to $55.8B in sales by 2020. That represents an astonishing 89% growth in just 5 short years – yet still accounts for less than 10% of retail sales annually. But what should be an exciting and prosperous time for retailers is failing to deliver. Retail receiverships and bankruptcies are at an all-time high and a myriad of problems with scaling online businesses is creating a more financial pressure than profit.

Issues Preventing Retail Growth

We believe that eCommerce Canada will help address some of the main issues facing Canadian companies:

The Myth of Low Overhead

Online businesses aren’t a cheap as you think to operate. Many business owners don’t know the numbers before they get started.

The Data Gap

There is no conclusive, single-source of eCommerce Business performance data in Canada. Without it, we can’t speak to the number of business, job and dollars that are impacted by online retailers. Without data, your interests aren’t protected. If you’re business is not already REGISTERED with eCommerce Canada – now would be a great time!

The Talent Shortage

Limited training and no formal education stream exists to develop young talent to work in this specialized field – but we need thousands of new workers every year! Large and small Canadian businesses are falling behind our international counterparts because we lack people to power our businesses


The Transfer of Knowledge

Online retail business owners have had no community to connect to for advice, mentoring and consultation. We aim to provide a national and regional platform so you can connect with entrepreneurs who have experienced the same challenges as you can share their learnings and experiences to better the industry in Canada for all of us.

eCommerce Canada is seeking business owners just like to you to help grow our community from coast to coast. Tell us more about your business by Registering Your Company!

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